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Plus, different Apple apps offer unique shortcuts. For instance, Mail has a shortcut to add an attachment, while Notes has shortcuts for things like formatting text and adding images. We hope to see other apps add their own shortcuts as well. With Trackpad mode, you put two fingers down on the keyboard, the letters on the keys disappear, and a cursor appears in the text.

Drag both fingers around in tandem to move the cursor, just like on a traditional trackpad. You can also double-tap to select a word, and then drag to keep selecting. Watch our video for a demo.

How to Fix ‘Requires a newer version of iTunes’ Error

Are there new apps from Apple in iOS 9? The much-maligned Newsstand goes away in iOS 9 or rather, it becomes a normal folder that disappears like any other folder when you remove everything from it , and has been replaced by the News app. Right now, News is basically a traditional RSS reader, though Apple does some special formatting to make things look pretty. In the future, Apple will be adding a special Apple News Format. Currently, News is only available in the United States. You can insert images, checklists, and even your own sketches into a note. Notes also allows special formatting, like bullet lists. If you depend on Notes syncing between iOS and the Mac, hold off on that upgrade until However, if you want to try out the new features, stick with creating notes that remain on your device.

I hear Maps now offers transit directions.

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Is that true? Or a variety of cities in China. Is there anything new in Safari? Only a few small things from the user perspective. You can now adjust the background color and typeface of Reader mode, which is a welcome change especially for those of us who read in bed. More interesting is what Safari offers developers in iOS 9. The most controversial new addition is that Apple is allowing content blocker extensions. This means that third-party apps will be able to block ads in Safari, offering potentially significant performance improvements and reductions in bandwidth consumption.

But many publishers are panicking over this new threat to their business model, with some, such as the Washington Post, trying to prevent you from viewing their content while an ad-blocker is enabled. Developer Marco Arment , who created an ad blocker called Peace, encapsulated this tension. Peace quickly shot to the top of the App Store paid rankings, but an unhappy Arment pulled it after just two days, saying:.

The other big change for developers is the addition of Safari View Controller. Safari View Controller lets developers drop a version of Safari right into an app. Unfortunately, not all iOS 9 features work on all devices. Siri Suggestions requires at least a fourth-generation iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5, or fifth-generation iPod touch.

Content blocking extensions need a bit processor, so they require at least an iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5s, or sixth-generation iPod touch. Has Mail changed significantly? Also, search has improved dramatically, offering search suggestions and a progress bar as the search is underway. You can now send email to a group not a smart group that appears in the Contacts app. At last! To do this, type part of the group name in the To, Cc, or Bcc field and tap the appropriate entry in the popover. Oh, and speaking of swipe gestures, they now show icons rather than text.

Apple presumably felt this would enhance readability. After installing iOS9, will I need to restore my apps and data to my iPhone?

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No, everything should stay in place during the upgrade this isn't like the beta, where you have to erase the iPhone and then restore. But as we noted above, if performance is poor, you might want to do this. It's impossible to predict exactly what will happen with Bluetooth during the upgrade, but luckily, it's only a few seconds in Control Center to adjust it back the way you want it if it does change and this is one thing we recommend checking in a chapter in Josh's book.

I don't want to use iCloud for anything. I have used both my Macs to back up and update my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is happy with iOS 8. I believe I will be able to update the iPhone6 to iOS 9. I really don't want to have to do that. Is there any other way to stay with Honestly, I have no idea, so hopefully someone else will still have Macs with Snow Leopard and that version of iTunes running. I also found that Snow Leopard with iTunes I will not be updating my wife's phone until we buy a new iMac. I've been running the 9 beta on an iphone 4s, with I installed the beta over the air, not via usb.

I haven't had any troubles backing it up, so I assumed that all would be well with my 6 and ipad air 2. Glad I found out in time. I do have an old macbook that walks yosemite. I'd be grudgingly willing to switch to that as the mothership, but how do I do that?

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iTunes. iCloud. iOS. macOS. Mac notebooks. Mac desktops. QuickTime Server Admin Tools Mac OS X Supplemental Update. Mac OS X Server Supplemental Update Apple Events Server Update OS X Snow Leopard. iTunes now supports the ability to sync your favorite music, movies, and more to devices with iOS 8. For information on the security content.

Several years ago I tried to switch an ipod touch to backup to a different computer, but it wouldn't let me unless I wiped it, which I'd really not rather do. So, I was worried that there might be a problem going to iOS 9 and unfortunately with what people are saying here, there is indeed a problem. However, I suddenly have little money, so I especially like what I have now, because it is fully functional with what I do.

Many of my programs such as Canvas etc. If anything goes wrong on your device, you might be forced to upgrade it anyway, because you can't reinstall any ios version that Apple has stopped signing. This bit me on my iphone 4s, and I lost a bunch of irreplaceable paid for orphan software that stopped working on 7. We might or might not be ok with the Air 2. I looked up the system requirements, and assuming that the Air 2 info is up to date it still says I'm not confident about this because the product pages are inconsistent about how you get to the specs, and some device pages such as the Air 1 still say ios 8.

For now, I'm going to assume the worst and not upgrade. Once the iPad starts updating a message says, The iPad "Jim" cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to www. This renders your previous iPhone backup useless! I say this because the new News app didn't install on my device and my guess is that a folder called News that already existed blocked it. If this is the cause, a cute thing for Apple to have done would have been to install the new app in that folder. Oh, and if anyone knows how to install the new News app without downloading the entire iOS 9 installer again, I'd love to know how!

I'm in the UK so apparently should have it. Following your train of thought, I found my iPad did indeed have a folder called "News" which I have renamed to "News Apps" for now. However, there's no such conflicting name on my iPhone…. However, that seems to have disappeared from the iPhone.

Ah, it's official — UK "Coming Soon". It's subtle, but it's just underneath the first main section:.

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  • Where to Download Every Version of iTunes.
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People are reporting some success with that…. Thanks for the heads up. Even though Apple said News would launch in the U.

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A stop clock keeps showing up in my outgoing text message area and I don't know how to get rid of it. It is in a cloud of grey and I can't see my first few lines of typing because of it? Apple's planned obsolescence strikes again. No way am I moving off Thanks tidBits for the timely warning! Apple, you are very close to losing a 20 year customer to Ubuntu.

How to Update iTunes to version 12.8 - MacBook , iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini

Or something. Umm, How is it "planned obsolescence" when there is an upgrade available for your MacBook, but you just choose not to install it due to some key software? It sounds like the incompatible software is to blame here, not Apple. There are cases where Apple does drop support for old machines and "force" an upgrade to get new features, but what you're describing isn't one of these cases. I have been an Apple customer since with a Mac Plus and a reader of Tidbits since their beginning.

Having said that, I'm very unhappy with the situation I'm in now. I have an iMac running Neither can now communicate with my iMac iTunes And there was nothing in the iOS9 document stating the need for the latest iTunes.