Mac os x stop indexing external drive

Fix Spotlight continually re-indexing your hard drive

Now open it back up and remove your Macintosh HD from the privacy tab and any others you want indexed.

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  • Stopping Spotlight from Indexing Backups & External Drives from the Command Line.

I index only my main drive and my media drive only. Now let the computer do its thing - don't let the computer sleep or turn it off until indexing is done. Mar 10, AM. Page content loaded. Mar 10, PM in response to dwb In response to dwb.

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This indexing is happening everytime I start up. Mar 10, PM. Here's what worked for me from reading these boards. My computer was stopped-slow and it was this "Estimating time for indexing I went to Activity Monitor and Quit a process called mdswrite - and the nightmare was over. Jun 13, AM. Then, after about 10 seconds, remove your Macintosh HD and let it finish indexing. To remove, select it and click the - button. When that completes, remove any of your external drives one-at-a-time.

Mac indexing slow

However, you would likely be fine removing them all at this point. Question: Q: How do I get my mac to stop indexing, I'm using osx Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. Then drag each of your locally-mounted filesystems internal and external to this list, followed by immediately removing them from the list. This will delete the index on the drives, and thereby force the system to recreate them when the volumes are removed.

How to Rebuild the Spotlight Index macOS Sierra

As for most system services, Apple includes a few Terminal utilities to manage the Spotlight index, which can be used to clear and rebuild the Spotlight index on your system. To do this, open the Terminal and run the following three commands sequentially:.

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Stopping Spotlight from Indexing Backups & External Drives from the Command Line Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks. You could have a script that runs at startup that employs the technique suggested in this post

The first of these will erase the Spotlight index on all volumes, the second will turn Spotlight indexing off, and the third will then turn it back on. This toggling will ensure Spotlight kicks in to create a new index immediately.

Stop Spotlight Indexing

Keep in mind that once either of these routines is done to clear the index, once the rebuild begins it may take a long time to complete, so do not be alarmed if you see the same behavior kick in for at least a few hours. Give it time to finish, and then see if the problem persists. Filesystem errors can easily lead to access and data handling problems that could, among other issues, have Spotlight continually try to index files. Doing this will run the verification on all selected drives, and if any issues are found, then attempt to repair them using the Repair Disk button. If the problem is found on your boot drive, then you will need to reboot to the Recovery HD partition hold Command-R when you hear the boot chimes at startup , to fix the issue at hand.