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Every story is unique, and editors are able to drive a story in different ways through timing and shot selection, but the truth must come through. Is there just no EDL manager included in the trial version or is there something else wrong? I had this problem with an earlier release of MC5 not the trial Seems as all the add-on apps were missing from the installer.

This was fixed in a later patch release. Perhaps the "trial" version has not been updated? You could try installing the latest patch release 5. Can anybody confirm that this will work without messing up the trial period? They're in the Media Composer installer, unfortunately they're not installed unless you click on the Helper Applications triangle and click on EDL Manager in the installation window. I am having this issue too.


I have reinstalled 5. Make sure it is installed" I don't see where Helper Applications are located? Can I just download EDL manager somewhere?

All of the helpers are part of the main install package. You just have to launch the installer, then de-select Media Composer and select the Helpers that you want. Even installing the entire Media Composer package doesn't fix this.

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I've re-installed multiple times and can't seem to fix this, and it doesn't look like there is anywhere in the Download Center to grab the EDL Manager either. That's odd both my 5. Including EDL Manager. T E pat vet. Media Composer V8.

I downloaded the installer and it doesn't seem to work, specifically the installer for 5. Avid still says it can't be found. Any ideas? If so, it's installed.

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