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For this example, we will use the popular ranked beverages from the previous example. It has the beverage names and their rank based on popularity. You will sort the beverages based on the rank.

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To help you locate data that you want to analyze in a PivotTable more easily, you can sort text entries (from A to Z or Z to A), numbers (from smallest to largest or. Sort by manual in the Pivot Table. Ability to manually sort columns or rows is missing. This feature is This is already supported in Mac Excel.

To do this:. Power Pivot can sort multiple columns as well which is a lot simpler than sorting in pivot tables. Pivot tables are a great way to summarize and aggregate data to model and present it.

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Power Pivot is also another great tool to gain business insights. There are many interesting features of Pivot Table and Power Pivot that could help you gain insights into your data. The first question is free. Quick Excel Help. Get instant live expert help with Excel or Google Sheets. Your message must be at least 40 characters. Our professional experts are available now. Your privacy is guaranteed.

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To sort the table based on the sales in May in descending order, you would need to perform the following steps: Click on cell E6. This would rearrange the table based on the sales in May in descending order. Sort Two columns in Pivot Table Normally, it is not possible to sort a pivot table based on two columns. The pivot table shows the Item names, order count and total orders. Click anywhere on the pivot table.

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Now the calculated fields will have the desired ranks. To sort it select the cells D4:D9. This will sort the pivot table in the desired way.

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This includes filters. So in your spreadsheet, you have two separate instances of each individual blog post. One way to sort columns by values is to use the large Sort button on the Options tab of the PivotTables tools ribbon. You could, of course, look through the worksheet and manually add the corresponding sales figure to a running total every time product 1 appears. It's really easy to do!

Sorting Excel tables with Power Pivot Power pivot is an add-in for Excel used to perform powerful data analysis, data modeling and gather business insights. To do this: On the power pivot window click PivotTable. Go back to the power pivot window. This will sort the items based on ranks in the pivot table. Did this post not answer your question? Get a solution from connecting with the expert. Another blog reader asked this question today on Excelchat:.

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How do you combine two pivot table columns? An Excelchat Expert solved this problem in 15 mins! Trying to calculate a difference between two columns in a pivot table. An Excelchat Expert solved this problem in 17 mins! If you search Google News for the term, there are 53, thousand results. Pivot tables are like the Swiss army knife of data analysis in Excel.

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Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either site, and you need to be a subscriber to use both of these tools. Because I used to spend hours collecting this data manually, and now I can get it in a few clicks. I ran a report for gucci handbags and chose Google US for my report. Then it scrapes the following metrics and delivers them sometime the next day to your Inbox.

Crazy, right? You need to be able to slice and dice the data and isolate portions of it to effectively evaluate it. The nice thing about pivot tables is that you can literally do exactly that by simply dragging and dropping your data around at will. If you want to follow along, you can download the Excel table I worked from.

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It includes a tab for the raw [hideous] data, one for the formatted tables, and finally one for the pivot tables I reference. As I mentioned in my post on how to format tables in Excel , before I do anything with raw data, I format it as a table. To do that, add a row above your headings by right-clicking on the row number and choosing Insert from the flyout menu. If you make sure the columns and rows surrounding your data are empty, Excel will be able to auto-detect the perimeter of your data.

There are also a few rules you should follow that will reduce your troubleshooting down the road significantly:. Formatting your data as a table, as we did above, will take care of this requirement. But basically you need to follow the structure of a database, where your data only includes column headings.

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This means that sometimes you will have columns that have a lot of duplication. And one of the columns is called Category. So, for example, if you wanted to see visits to a site broken down by month and medium, you might be tempted to create a column for each medium organic, PPC, social, email, etc. This would be incorrect and will cause you all manner of aggravation when you go to pivot the data. Then, you would need to add a year column as well. Also, blank cells can wreak havoc in your data and even cause Excel to think numbers are text, which will limit your filtering options down the road.

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Click the Special button, choose Blanks, and click OK. This will select all the blank cells in your data. This will enter the 0 inside all of the blank cells, though they make show up as hyphens.

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That dialog box you see hugging the right side of the Excel window is where all the magic happens. Any time you click inside your pivot table, it will appear. Click outside and it disappears again. The most logical choice here would be URL. This is usually the value I keep constant as I play musical chairs with the column and report filters.

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Next, we need to decide which values we want to view. By default, if you drag a field s that contains a numerical value into the Values field, the default summary option will be Sum. If you drag text into this Values field, the default summary value will be Count. But if you try to delete them, Excel will give you a nasty message forbidding you from doing so. So dumb. Anyway, to get around this, I used to purposely make my static table column labels lamer to preserve the intuitive ones for the pivot table, which was time-intensive and made me irritable.

Then I recently discovered that I could just put a space after the label, and Excel is none the wiser.