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If you're here, then that means you've heard about The Sims 4 cheats you can enter to make your life easier, and are looking for more information. We've got the pick of The Sims 4 cheat codes laid out right here for you, so if you want to get free simoleons, edit your Sim's needs, or grab some special items without putting the work in first then look no further. Before you can enter any Sims 4 cheat codes, you need to bring up the not so secret cheat option.

A box will appear in the top right corner where you can now type the following cheat codes:. If for some reason you want a Sims 4 household to have an exact amount of money, you can type " testingcheats true ", type in " Money X" but replacing the "x" with a number.

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If you're looking to upgrade your living quarters, you can make all the lots in a neighbourhood free with the cheat code " FreeRealEstate On ". Turn it off with " FreeRealEstate off ". To make a sad Sim happy open up the cheat bar and type in " testingcheats true ".

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You can also lock in their current needs state by selecting " cheat need " then " disable need decay ". To unlock special career items in the building mode, go into build mode, open the cheat box and type " bb. Why work hard when you can work smart? To place objects anywhere you want, including locations the grid won't allow, type in " bb. Tired of doing the dishes? Want to torture your neat freak Sim? He will ring the bell two or three times and wait for you. When you do not answer, he will place the goods there and not take your money.

Go into buy mode.

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Enable the " moveObjects on " code and click on the baby you wish to select. Without deselecting the baby, use the " moveObjects off " code. Still without deselecting baby, press [F1] to enter live mode.


If you don't have much kids furniture add some more. If you missed the carpool and are now late for work just go to the phone, and click "call Once they get home from school, have them do something fun like play pinball. Onto the leveling things. Have a baby. Click on that and a strange metal screwball will appear.

You will now be able to view the babies needs. The baby can only perform one interaction. Click on it, and for a moment a menu will appear that says "Grow Up". If you want an alien child or any child that looks like your family when you adopt them, go to the certain family, and delete the entire the family except for the baby by using the " moveObjects on " code. The social worker will arrive and take the baby. Go back to your other family and adopt a baby. You will get the same child that got taken away. Use the following trick to decorate your house with custom art. Your Sim must have a Creativity level of 5 and be able to paint a still life. Have your Sim paint, and a frame will appear. Center it on what you want to paint. Then, open the picture or image that you want to replace it with, and put in your game. You must resize your custom picture to match the same resolution as the "snapshot. Copy your custom picture on to the "snapshot.

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Your Sim will begin painting your custom picture. Start the game, go to the options menu, select the music settings, then the radio station option. You can now choose which songs you want to hear. Note: The AVI file must have a x resolution and a frame rate less than or equal to 15 fps. You can play a lot of the game's music and sound effects as MP3 files on your system.

Then, copy any. Rename the copy so that it has a. MP3 extension. The resulting file will be playable as a normal MP3 file. If you want to get a specific track from within one of the larger files such as the stereo music you will need a program capable of editing MP3 files.

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Enable the " StretchSkeleton " code and use the following value: Note: This will affect how tall the Sims will be. Your Sim will be so tall that they cannot be seen. Exiting out of the game will deactivate the code. When you adopt a child, if you greet the social worker before she rings the doorbell, the social worker will not leave your house.

If this happens, you cannot buy items, build, or save the game. Place a lot of columns around the ground and build your house on top of it. When you are done, delete all the columns. Note: Make sure you have a way to get to the house, or no one can get in. Also, you can build a house up to ten stories high up. Make sure you put floor tiling on the top of the column so you can put another column on top of it. Electrocution: Three or more Needs hit red while a Sim repairs an electrical object with a low Mechanical Skill.

Results in a yellow ghost. Drowning: Energy Need hits all red while swimming. Results in a blue ghost that leaves puddles around the house when it appears.

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(I'm running the sims 2 with the university expansion pack). Ive tried so many different cheats people have suggested such as maxmotives, motivedecay off. For The Sims 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How do I use the There is a cheat where you click on the mailbox and shift or something to.

Starvation: Hunger reaches Kids and younger cannot starve. Results in a transparent ghost that will take food out of the refrigerator. Disease: If a fatal disease is not treated for ten days the Sim will die. Results in a green ghost. Flies: In a very messy room, when a Sim steps over a plate all flies may form a deadly killer swarm. Results in a purple ghost. Results in an orange ghost. Note: You can sell the Satellite in buy mode. Note: Babies and toddlers are fire-proof and cannot die by any cause; the Social Worker will instead take them away.

Children can die of fire, drowning or disease. Rather than starving to death, children in hunger failure will be taken away by the Social Worker. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:. Use the following case-sensitive codes after enabling the Postprocessing cheats with the " boolProp enablePostProcessing true ".

Note: Do not enable or use the Postprocessing cheats unless your video card supports pixel shaders. Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function:.