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Coming back to the topic. Network Status always shows Wireless Network disconnected. It shows some values in MAC Address. This option searches for any nearby Wi-Fi networks. I made an ad-hoc profile in my Lenovo laptop which was detected as a separate Wi-Fi network on the TV. BUT when I try to connect the devices with each other, it fails.

It first asks for the necessary password key. On entering the password key , the TV shows as 'Connecting' and then after several seconds it shows 'Not able to connect'. Set up Content Sharing and Screen Mirroring.

This is maybe because I haven't been able to connect the TV to any other device uptill now. To get started, launch AllShare Cast on your device. I have kept the default [TV]Home. Now I have downloaded and installed AllShare software on my Lenovo laptop.

I have turned on the wi-fi of the laptop. I have made an ad-hoc connection on it which gets detected on the TV. Still I am not able to connect them to each other. How do we resolve this issue? Checkout roccats power grid.. Install it on the laptop and the phone.. Grab a beer and watch away..

Nice find on the roccat. Will give it a spin, with the beer thrown in for good measure. The PC detected the TV but couldn't go any further to actual streaming. I will need to do some more research. With the development of technology, users can now get access and download apps, such as the useful Samsung Link quite conveniently.

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If you are using Samsung device, the program can be one of the best tools for you. At present, the tool can be downloaded for free. After you get the program, please install it by following the wizard.

In the past, when some apps are released, they only can work well with several typical and latest models. Luckily, now the useful Samsung AllShare can be compatible with most Samsung models. Thus, if you are Samsung device user, you can turn to the app to experience the stunning features.

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That's to say, your Samsung phone is compatible for all other apps that are supported by the Samsung AllShare. Here are some typical lists of smart models supported by Samsung AllShare:. Although Samsung AllShare is very useful and professional, the program can be handled easily even you are the primary users. Here are steps for you to learn how to connect Samsung device to PC and stream your favorite videos to PC in steps.

Just follow me to experience the interesting app. Step 1: To start with, you need to install the Samsung AllShare tool in both your devices. That's to say, if you want to stream files between your two Samsung devices, you need to install AllShare on both the two phones. The program will then start to detect the devices to pair them up for you so that you can stream files between devices with ease.

Once the setup is completed, you can use the tool for multiple models.

Step 2: Now, you need to start the pair up step and it is quite easy. You just need to turn to Settings of both devices and then to nearby devices to enable it. The step is very necessary since only by the step can your devices find out the nearest models through the tool. Step 3: Since you can see the two devices from the ends, you can now see method to get the option of connection between the models. This ensures optimal performance and top speeds. Most of the programs recommended below offer network details like signal strength, addresses, and channels, but some offer extra features like network troubleshooting and security options.

You can use these tools to study your wireless network at home, work, or in public areas. Identify rooms or spots where there is signal weakness, interference between wireless devices, obstacles that might cause dips in performance, and rogue connections stealing your Wi-Fi. For gamers, they can help prevent lag, and in public areas choose the safest connection available -- if there was such a thing.

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Designed to provide real time monitoring of wireless network status, Wi-Fi Inspector 2. In addition to real-time monitoring, Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector can detect rogue access points and can work as an IT assistant with easy to use troubleshooting tools. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is freeware. See how walls, stairways, and doors affect your wireless network coverage. Insider tip no pun intended : the previous version of inSSIDer which was free is still around if you want to give it a try.

WifiInfoView scans the wireless networks in your area and displays extensive information about them.