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Nuance Releases Dragon Dictate 2.5, Adds Word 2011 And iPhone As Microphone Support

https://omresafsi.ml Remote mic using your iPhone as just mentioned. Easier integration with social media, use voice commands to tweet and update your Facebook status. Search engine specific browse commands for Bing, Google and Yahoo As well as the usual, faster and more accurate claims. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Dragon Dictate is a long way short of DNS. Given that Dragon Dictate 2. I am hoping this will improve with Dragon Dictate 3 — whenever that happens — and that people who wasted their money on Dictate 2. I have used the dictating programs for over 12 years. I am a real estate inspector. I conduct reports a year, which means 3 to 4 hours per day dictating.

An amazing ability but that is why I went to Dragon Ver 3. I used it all the way up to Dragon 12 on PCs.

Test: Dragon Dictate 2.5 MAC (Deutsch)

It would get a little better each time. Then I bought a Mac. The Dragon 2. That is what the Nuance reps admitted. Think of it, Version 12 compared to version 2 or 3, which set of programmers have got it dialed in? Well, the Mac program it terrible at making corrections.

The PC version allows you to add and delete words easily. The dictionary has 20, Surnames, that no one will ever use. It was a programmers game to see how many last names he could install. You cannot delete the word from the Dictionary so it comes up all the time. Black dusty stuff on a heater exhaust. It will not insert soot. The PC version would go to the last word or phrase.

Mac 2. I also speak clearly and enunciate.

Nuance did not give me any money and that is why this is an honest critique of their product. My mom is elderly and unable to type lately. She is a writer and she also loves to use her email, facebook, etc.

Nuance Announces Update to its Dragon Dictate Voice Recognition Software

Will the Dragon for Mac program basically run her computer for her or is it mainly for text? The response of dictate is almost instant.

Nuance Announces Faster, More Accurate Dragon Dictate For Mac 3 With New Features

Siri takes 3 or 4 seconds. Siri good for simple commands.

How IVR with a Human Touch is Changing Healthcare

Dictate good for letters, talks etc! Delete a word immediately after typing it 2. Return to end of line after selecting a word and making a correction. Dragon Naturally Speaking is awesome, and I was in the same position as you but i did not purchase a pc! But in all seriousness, this product is great, useful, and helps especially for times when you have loads of articles to complete or essays in college. I have been using dragon naturally speaking PC Windows version for about 7 years and I am very satisfied with the performance.

I purchased the Dragon Dictate 2 for my Mac air 11inch, hoping for a better user experience, but sadly it is not up to expectations. The editing and training modules are not very up to date or non existent for Mac version. If you plan to purchase Dragon naturally speaking I suggest go for the windows version. It has been established for a long time, have released several versions, with new up dates and by far the best dictation software.

First time users might get a good feel from Dictate 2 for Mac, as it does the job, but if you have used the windows version you might be in for a disappointment. Thanks Thomas. My impression is that the Mac version is behind the PC version, maybe by a year or two. Mac is now up to version 3. But if you are a Mac user after speech recognition for your mac, the mac version and it is very usable. The Naturally Speaking 12 says it can be used on a Mac…. Naturally Speaking is PC software.

Dragon Dictate is Mac software. Any PC software e. It has now been replaced by Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, and has since been acquired by Nuance Communications. Dragon Dictate for Mac 2. Nuance's other products for Mac include MacSpeech Scribe. DragonDictate for Windows was the original speech recognition application from Dragon Systems and used discrete speech where the user must pause between speaking each word.

The first version, 1. It included a Shurecardioid microphone headset. Later it was replaced by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which allows continuous speech recognition and correction and training of words via the keyboard. NaturallySpeaking remains a Windows-only program, and since distributes in Version Are you a Mac user that wants to be more productive? Then Dragon Dictate 2. With valuable new features, such as improved document creation flexibility in Microsoft Word and all-new auto formatting capabilities, Dragon Dictate 2. Ideal for writers and bloggers, creative professionals, high school and college students, journalists, business people, home users, educators, and many others - Dragon Dictate gives you complete command of your Mac using only your voice.

With Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.

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Control your favorite Mac applications — including Microsoft Word -- using only your voice. With Dragon Dictate you can produce reports, email, articles, books, research notes, online content, and more — quickly, easily, and accurately. With the introduction of the free Dragon Remote Microphone application available in the Apple app store , you can achieve the same great accurate transcription using a device you already may have: your iPhone! And new social media commands make posting to Facebook or Twitter a breeze. Dragon Dictate provides amazing accuracy and requires just minutes of training to get started.

Perfect if you plan to use your iPhone as a wireless mic using the free Dragon Remote Microphone app [ click here for the app ]. If you already own a microphone you plan to use it needs to be noise cancelling and connected via USB. It is not recommended to use the built-in mic in your iMac or MacBook. The DSP, also known as the.

Nuance Announces Update to its Dragon Dictate Voice Recognition Software - MacRumors

This is what would be your entry level headset and mic, it is Nuance certified and is very good. The mic is noise cancelling, which is what you need for voice recognition and the mic is on an adjustable boom for easy adjustment. A very cool addition to any Mac users desk is the FlexMic.