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Fork is a free advanced GUI git client for Mac and Windows with an emphasis on speed, user-friendliness, and efficiency. Its features include a. --local-branching-on-the-cheap All Windows Mac Linux Android iOS SmartGit. Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows Price: $79/user / Free for non- commercial.

Download GitEye. This is the other cross-platform git client for Linux. It is completely free for personal use, but you need to go for a paid version when you require teamwork. As an ideal git tool its interface very clean and easy to use.

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More than 1 million teams and 10 million developers love Bitbucket. Review the changes your files have gone through with a diff viewer that is great for text and images. Absolutely fantastic github tool. Interacting with popular platforms. Side-by-Side comparison Version and Source control Add a feature.

It is quite perfect for those developers who require all essential features instead of a very colorful and attractive user interface. Download SmartGit. The application was initially developed for the GNOME desktop environment and a set of some specific software. But, the app is open for other platforms Mac users also. The app is designed especially for searching the repositories. We like the application because of the following features. Download Gitg. It lets you navigate the project history in a simple way.

This git tool also lets you see the commit as well as affected files.

The app also contains a file tree browser for the quick and smart search. Though its interface is not so attractive and modern but is very effective. Download QGit. This is a highly effective git tool. The tool is open-source, and it can enhance the interface of the git client for Linux. This is a great tool for the users who use Emacs for the application development.

Giggle is absolutely free graphical git client for Linux. It was first developed in , and it becomes popular just after release. Basically, it is a git viewer, and its user can browse repository history by using the software. Its performance is comparable to any best git client for Linux. Download Giggle.

It is an excellent git client for Linux users. If I say specifically, it is one of the best clients for the fresher. This git tool is designed to deliver the easiest and most effective experience for the users.

Some users say that the tool is able to complete only most common operation, but we say it lets you do all the things what exactly you need. Download GitForce. Git Ahead is wonderful and advances git versioning tool which interface is graphical. If you love graphical git tools, it can be your best choice.

Some of the features make the tool more advanced and useful such as user profile management, code management, easy filtering that is used to see commit, and so on. Download GitAhead.

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Git Gui is another git tool which is created based on a graphical user interface. What do you need to do with a git tool modifying codes, local merges, create branches, making a new commit? It allows doing all the tasks. It is really an effective git client for Linux. Visit Hompage.

How many features need of a git tool to be an updated and most effective git client; it contains all of them. It has some features which make a difference to the other git tools such as advanced diffs, syntax highlighting, merge tool, and so on. If there are some specific effective tools in this list, this item is one of them. Download Sublime. This is the last git of this content.

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We wanted to breakdown this content with an effective git tool. And happily, we can do it. EGit is a top performing git tool which has many positive reviews of its users. And that is why we enlist it in this list. Download Egit.

GitKraken v6.0: The Fastest GitKraken Ever!

We tried to represent you all the best git clients for Linux. This list is not so large that is true, but you will never need to go out from this list to find a good quality git tool. Are you a fresher or expert user? Here you find the application that will be suitable for both users. So, pick your favorite and best one. And share your experience with us. GitKraken has updated their free package to make it much more restrictive. Or just use GIT on the terminal, like a real developer.

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Cycligent 5. GitEye 6. SmartGit 7. Gitg 8.