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How to insert HTML into emails

To use your template, select it from the drop down in the message composer window the next time you want to send an email. If creating a custom email template please be aware that buttons inserted by the Composer will have minimal styles applied to them. You can customize the buttons by targeting the.

If you want to send a one off message written in HTML, instead of creating a reusable template, just import your source HTML when composing a new message. All Collections.

What is the best Drag-and-drop email editor?

But the video does not play on iPhone native. Is it still possible to embed videos in Apple Mail and Outlook? ExternalClass div. Thanks guys. Mailchimp supports background images in the preheader, header, body, column, and footer sections of our drag-and-drop templates. We have verified this claim is incorrect; in fact MailChimp does allow embedded video in email.

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Create Custom HTML Email Signature Templates in macOS Mail

Create custom email templates Craft your own custom email template. Discover the tags to include, how to style each template, add variables, include images and more. Always use the full internet address for images and other resources you will be pulling into your HTML email so the recipient's client knows where to access them on the internet.

The simpler you make your messages, the more likely they'll be viewable by most of your customers.


(A typical HTML email, as viewed in Mac Mail.) like text, images, and buttons onto a blank page or template, then export an HTML file. HTML email is used primarily to preserve the formatting and visual appeal of a message. Mac Mail, Apple's mail client, does not include a way to send HTML email messages. However, there is a workaround that will allow you to create an HTML email and send it through Mac Mail.

Below are short tutorials on how to create and embed HTML in several popular email clients. Write your email in an HTML editor.

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Be sure to use full paths, including URLs to any external files as mentioned above. Open the HTML file in a web browser. In Gmail or Mac Mail, start a new message.

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You can edit the text once it has been pasted into your new message, but be careful not to delete any of your styles or embedded images; they're difficult to fix without having to repeat the previous steps. By comparison, Thunderbird makes it simple to create your HTML and then import it into your mail messages. Be sure to use full paths, including URLs to any external files.

How to generate an Apple Mail email signature?

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