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Jouyet said that Macron left to "continue personal aspirations" [58] and create his own financial consultancy firm. Macron was awarded the position of research fellow. Macron had also sought a position at Harvard University. Macron was offered a chance to be a candidate in the municipal elections in in his hometown of Amiens. He declined the offer. On 17 February , prime minister Manuel Valls pushed Macron's signature law package through a reluctant parliament using the special In August , Macron said that he was no longer a member of the Socialist Party and was an independent.

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To create a template, you can start with a document, presentation, or workbook that you already . Differences between templates, themes, and Word styles. How else could I write articles here or type French papers with such ease? These are all the skills I used to make typing French accents on mac computers. It comes time to craft your résumé or CV and then it hits you. How do I type the French quotation marks in Word that includes an automatic non-breaking space?.

The "Macron Law" was Macron's signature law package that was eventually pushed through parliament using the After the "Law on Growth and Purchasing Power" brought on by Arnaud Montebourg with the aim to "restore 6 billion euros of purchasing power" to the French public. The law intended to rejuvenate the French economy by fixing regulations based around Sunday work, transport and driving licenses, public sector jobs and the transport market. Tensions around the question of Macron's loyalty to the Valls government and Hollande himself increased when Hollande and Valls turned down a proposal for a law put forward by Macron.

The law, titled "Macron 2" was going to be much bigger than the original Macron law with a larger aim of making the French economy competitive. Amid tensions and deterioration of relations with the current government, Macron founded an independent political party, En marche, in Amiens on 6 April On 30 August , Macron resigned from the government ahead of the presidential election , [] [] to devote himself to his En marche movement. Michel Sapin was announced as Macron's replacement. Macron first showed intention to run with the formation of En marche but following his resignation from the government, he was able to spend more time dedicating himself to his movement.

He first announced that he was considering running for president in April [] and after his resignation from the position of economy minister, media sources began to find patterns in Macron's fundraising and typical presidential campaign fundraising tactics. On 16 November , Macron formally declared his candidacy for the French presidency after months of speculation.

go here In his announcement speech, Macron called for a "democratic revolution" and promised to "unblock France". Macron's campaign, headed by French economist Sophie Ferracci , announced in December that it had raised 3. Macron's campaign enjoyed considerable coverage from the media. Macron attracted criticism for the time taken to spell out a formal program during his campaign; despite declaring in November, he had still not released a complete set of proposals by February, attracting both attacks from critics and concern among allies and supporters.

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He progressed to the second round with Marine Le Pen. Macron qualified for the run-off against National Front candidate Marine Le Pen on 23 April , after coming first place in the vote count. A debate was arranged between Macron and Le Pen on 3 May The debate lasted for 2 hours and Macron was considered the winner due to opinion polls. In March , Macron's digital campaign manager, Mounir Mahjoubi , told Britain's Sky News that Russia is behind "high level attacks" on Macron, and said that its state media are "the first source of false information".

He said: "We are accusing RT formerly known as Russia Today and Sputnik News of being the first source of false information shared about our candidate Two days before the French Presidential Election on 7 May, it was reported that nine gigabytes of Macron's campaign emails had been anonymously posted to Pastebin , a document-sharing site.

These documents were then spread onto the imageboard 4chan which led to the hashtag " macronleaks" trending on Twitter. On 7 May , Macron was elected President of France with The election had record absention at Macron qualified for the runoff after the first round of the election on 23 April He won the second round of the presidential election on 7 May by a landslide according to preliminary results, [] making the candidate of the National Front , Marine Le Pen , concede.

Macron formally became president on 14 May. The two leaders emphasised the importance of France—Germany relations to the European Union. In his first few months as president, Macron pressed for enactment of package of reforms on public ethics, labor laws, taxes, and law enforcement agency powers.

In response to Penelopegate , the National Assembly passed a part of Macron's proposed law to stop mass corruption in French politics by July , banning elected representatives from hiring family members. Macron's plan to give his wife an official role within government came under fire with criticisms ranging from it being undemocratic to what critics perceive as a contradiction to his fight against nepotism. Macron aims to shift union—management relations away from the adversarial lines of the current French system and toward a more flexible, consensus-driven system modelled after Germany and Scandinavia.

Under the EU rules, eastern European workers can be employed for a limited time at the salary level in eastern European countries which has led to dispute between the EU states. The French government announced the proposed changes to France's labour rules "Code du Travail" , being among the first steps taken by Macron and his government to galvanise the French economy.

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The National Assembly including the Senate approved the proposal, allowing the government to loosen the labour laws after negotiations with unions and employers' groups. The president signed five decrees reforming the labour rules on 22 September. On 23 June , President Macron said: "The reality is that Europe is not experiencing a migration crisis of the same magnitude as the one it experienced in ", "A country like Italy has not at all the same migratory pressure as last year. The crisis we are experiencing today in Europe is a political crisis".

Pierre de Villiers , then-Chief of the General Staff of the Armies, stepped down on 19 July following a confrontation with Macron. Le Monde later reported that De Villiers told a parliamentary group, "I will not let myself be fucked like this. Macron's government presented its first budget on 27 September, the terms of which reduced taxes as well as spending to bring the public deficit in line with the EU's fiscal rules.

In February , Macron announced a plan to offer voluntary redundancy in an attempt to further cut jobs from the French civil service. In July , the Senate approved its first reading of a controversial bill with stricter anti-terror laws, a campaign pledge of Macron.

The National Assembly voted on 3 October to pass the bill —, with 19 abstentions. The Senate then passed the bill on its second reading by a —22 margin on 18 October. Later that day Macron stated that 13 terror plots had been foiled since began. The law replaced the state of emergency in France and made some of its provisions permanent.

The bill was criticized by human rights advocates. The law gives authorities expanded power to search homes, restrict movement, close places of worship, [] and search areas around train stations as well as international ports and airports. It was passed after modifications to address concerns about civil liberties. The most punitive measures will be reviewed annually and are scheduled to lapse by the end of He announced that, starting 1 November, it would bring an end to the state of emergency.

Speaking on refugees and, specifically, the Calais Jungle , Macron said he wouldn't allow another refugee camp to form in Paris before outlining the government policy towards immigration and asylum. Visiting Corsica in February , Macron sparked controversy when he rejected nationalist wishes for Corsican as an official language [] but offered to recognize Corsica in the French constitution.

The meeting was widely publicized due to a handshake between the two of them being characterized as a "power-struggle". The meeting sparked controversy when Macron denounced Russia Today and Sputnik accusing the news agencies of being "organs of influence and propaganda, of lying propaganda". In his first major foreign policy speech on 29 August, President Macron stated that fighting Islamist terrorism at home and abroad was France's top priority. Macron urged a tough international stance to pressure North Korea into negotiations, on the same day it fired a missile over Japan. He also affirmed his support for the Iranian nuclear deal and criticized Venezuela's government as a "dictatorship".

He added that he would announce his new initiatives on the future of European Union after the German elections in September.

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By the end of September , seven out of ten respondents said that they believe Emmanuel Macron was respecting his campaign promises, [] [] though a majority felt that the policies the government was putting forward were "unfair. Dissatisfaction with his presidency has been expressed by protestors in the yellow vests movement. On 18 July , Le Monde revealed in an article that a member of Macron's staff Alexandre Benalla posed as a police officer and beat a protester during May Day demonstrations in Paris earlier in the year and was suspended for a period of 15 days before only being internally demoted.

Overall, Macron is largely seen as a centrist. In the past, Macron has called himself a socialist, [] but since August , he has labelled himself as a centrist liberal. He has refused observations by critics that he is an "ultra-liberal" economically. Macron created the centrist political party En Marche with the attempt to create a party that can cross partisan lines. Both were inspectors of finance, were given responsibilities based around tax and revenue, both were very ambitious about running for the position of president, showing their keenness early in their careers and both were seen as figures of renewal in French political life.

Macron has advocated in favour of the free market and reducing the public-finances deficit. He added that he is "neither right nor left" and that he advocates "a collective solidarity". With the launch of his independent candidacy and his use of anti-establishment rhetoric, Macron has been labelled a "populist" by some observers, notably Manuel Valls , but Macron rejects this term.

Macron is a supporter of the El Khomri law. He became the most vocal proponent of the economic overhaul of the country. Macron is in favor of tax cuts. During the Presidential Election , Macron proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from Macron also wants to remove investment income from the wealth tax so that it is solely a tax on high-value property. Macron is against raising taxes on the highest earners.

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Macron has advocated for the end of the 35 hour work week; [] [] however, his view has changed over time and he now seeks reforms that aim to preserve the 35 hour work week while increasing France's competitiveness. Macron has supported cutting the amount of civil servants by , Regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP , Macron stated in June that "the conditions [to sign the treaty] are not met", adding that "we mustn't close the door entirely" and "need a strong link with the US". In April , Macron called for a "rebalancing" of Germany's trade surplus , saying that "Germany benefits from the imbalances within the Eurozone and achieves very high trade surpluses".

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In March , Macron announced that the government would spend 1. The money would be used to sponsor research projects and scientific laboratories, as well as to finance startup companies within the country whose focus is AI. Macron described France's colonization of Algeria as a "crime against humanity". Macron described the military intervention in Libya as a "historic error".