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This simplistic control system would translate well to a console port of the game, which Blizzard have hinted at but nothing concrete has emerged, also hope still lives for this to materialise as the possibility of this happening has not been totally written off either. While playing through the world of Sanctuary, you'll find the environments you encounter simply stunning, from the distressed village of Tristram, the random caverns and dens you encounter in your travels, Leoric's mansion and torture chambers to the even more exotic locations, you're just bombarded by beauty and detail.

Blizzard certainly have worked wonders with the new engine powering this title. The characters aren't greatly detailed themselves but they are functional yet wonderfully animated. The in-game cutscenes will not differ on what class you choose at all except for the voice that narrates them, any scene narrated by your protagonist will be voiced by the avatar you selected at the beginning of the game, so if you rolled a female Barbarian, it is she who will talk you through the intermission.

Additionally in co-op, each player will have their scenes narrated by their character instead of all having to listen to one certain toon.

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Alongside this, those who initiate quests first will have their character talking in the conversations. Feel like running solo then never fear as the will supply you with NPC companions for your adventures through Sanctuary. You get introduced to these at certain points during the game and you may only hire one of these at a time so do choose what would be best for your playstyle. Like yourself, the companion will require you to play a part in their levelling structure and rely on you to give them gear in order to deal more damage.

Speaking of gear, Blizzard have brought into play an auction house for those pieces of loot you deem a bit too valuable to simply vendor or shard at your blacksmith. Here you can select the loot you want to sell, whack it on the auction house and hope to get some gold, or in extreme cases, cold hard cash.

The introduction of a real money auction house seems like a bold move for Blizzard, particularly to stem the inevitable flow of third party trading sites or ebay sales of legendary loots before they even begin. Nice idea in theory but in practice, it remains to be seen if this is a viable method of profiting from your adventures. If you strike it rich then the funds will be sitting in your Blizzard Wallet which then can be used in the Blizz store if you so wish, however even more fees will apply if you want to withdraw that via PayPal in applicable countries. This means your shiny discovery may not be as worthwhile to sell via official means than it first seemed, however it is early days and things may change over the course of the next few months when a steady chunk of data is available to analyse by the developers.

So has this been worth the wait? In our opinion, yes it bloody well has, we love Diablo 3 here and will no doubt be playing it for hours on end, maybe one day we can tell our grandchildren that we defeated Diablo 3 on Inferno difficulty A purveyor of strange alcoholic mixes and a penchant for blowing shit up in games. Proud member of the glorious PC master race. Great review, mate.


Really enjoying this game. I've waited too many years for it and was a huge fan of Diablo 2!

Earnings were made in Auction House trades in just one year.

I cant tell you % that there are no bots on the Auction House but every the Diablo 3 Auction House works and almost every Online Auction. [Archive] All your bot/hack related questions and requests belong here! Warden · Looking to get an AH bot built, Paying well · Bot on Mac · Gold farming bot.

I can't wait till I and a few friends get to Inferno Difficulty and can pull all-nighters taking on a single boss! I miss those days :P. What kind of specs for running this are we looking at wedge from min to omfg my eyes are bleeding.

go here Nice review btw. Im really enjoying it. Kudos for Blizz still thinking of the small pocket of Win XP users that still exist.

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Even then you'll be running hell difficulty a lot to get the gear to make any form of progress in inferno. Needs more whimsy tbh LOL this is awesome! Picked up a "rainbow dye" which is used to craft a staff that sounded suspiciously like it had something to do with a 'cow level' :D.


Black Mushroom spawns in cathedral level 1 ACT1 2. Shinbone is located randomly in the fireplace in leorics manor ACT1. You will know its the right place when you save the old man and he opens it up. Ooo damnnn ive missed the rest of these but they are bind on account arnt they? Am starting a new playthrough with a friend over the weekend, will nab the rest of these then, looks like ive gotten the more awkward one to get already. It is my mission to enter Whimsyshire!! I'm sure there's a euphemism in there somewhere; but it's probably not appropriate for a lady in your condition ;.

If it's anything like D2, you will have to complete the game on normal before you enter Whimsyshire.

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Pretty sure Blizzard doesn't do that either. The number of players we invite will be based on our testing needs. The gold-based auction house uses in-game gold for purchases and sales. A big patch came out last month adding even more positive improvements imo. Roth UI is deprecated only compatible up to WoW patch 6. Can players purchase items using local credit cards or bank accounts?

Also, yes the items are bound to account. If you don't find them this time round, just jump on your barb and go back! Sorry, I missed out a few things actually that are on that wiki: Black Mushroom -- Found rarely in a room on Cathedral level one, in early Act One. Save the old man and he will open the chest. If you get Ice Caverns exit out try again. The mob is random.

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Plan: Staff of Herding -- To teach the recipe to Haedrig. Drops randomly from Izual, Act 4. The secret level is not going to be a major portion of the gameplay; it's a fun treat and am amusement, but the developers didn't want to recreate the Diablo II Secret Cow Level, which was literally the most profitable area to play in during some early game patches. Well after i threw a medicatied tamtrum with sofa slapping and all she finally went Hello… Log in or sign up.

Look out for this one. So might be worth to look at it after the update. It's still hugely expensive for what you get, I honestly cannot recommend it even if it gets updated.

RoS-BOT - Your no-brainer bot for Diablo 3.

Also be prepared however to run into tons of issues if you try to run tools like Unreal Engine, it works much better in Windows environment. The same goes for all games too btw. Ah, just saw its 'nornomal', I wonder if he wants to talk to me now about feedback for new laptop purchase. What's wrong with the current laptop, how old is old? Ehm what Also build quality usually means the shell and stuff which they do have somewhat better than your general windows laptop maker. The only hardware part that is actually better in terms of specs are the so called Retina displays, it's kind of hard to find those separetly and the resolution is too high for Windows to even use, unsure about unix systems.

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I can understand that u prefer the mac OSX instead of windows.. Tell me what the resale value is compared to a 2 year old MAC. MACs and iphones are investments. Wrathe Please, I said: When the machines have the same general specs, the mac performs better than most PCs. The mainboards are custom made and certainly not "pc components". I did not say the mac performs best - There may well be better "pc components", but they will be expensive.

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Cope I agree completely. Ultrabooks are pretty cool.